TBSI Summer Medical Student Research Program

TBSI Neurosurgery hosts a summer research program for medical students every year. The targeted students are typically between their first and second year of medical school and are available for summer research in Bryan/College Station.

Our program offers mentorship in clinical and basic science research four days per week. The fifth day is spent observing neurosurgical procedures, and potentially neurology practice, in the community. We have a course of four didactic lectures during the summer, and no reading is required for these.

In the past, students have come to the program with their own funding through various sources (mentors can help with applications for these).

Examples include:

  • The medical student summer research program through the College of Medicine
  • The AANS medical student research grants
  • New possibilities: ABTA, other national organizations
  • Student providing their own support (parents, loans, etc)

Students seem to enjoy their experience and some have published in peer-reviewed journals.

Our limit is five students, so accept our apologies if all requests cannot be filled.

If interested, please send a one page document to [email protected] including

  • Research background (not required)
  • Goals for the summer project
  • Tentative field of clinical neuroscience to research (brain tumors, MS, stroke, spine disease, trauma, etc.)

Interested students are encouraged to contact TBSI Neurosurgery.


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