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The Texas Brain and Spine Institute is a Center of Excellence in the clinical and academic neurosciences. The Institute is a multidisciplinary collaboration between clinicians, scientists, and supporting institutions with the purpose of furthering superior clinical and academic missions as follows:


  • Maintain a standard of excellence for neurologic and neurosurgical care.
  • Provide the full scope of subspecialty neurologic and neurosurgical services to the population of Central Texas.
  • Provide access to primary and tertiary clinical neuroscience services to patients from regional, state, and national referral sources.
  • Enhance stature and reputation for excellence of supporting institutions and specialties.


  • Increase and maintain active basic and clinical research programs in neuroscience.
  • Enhance extramural research funding.
  • Collaborate with basic scientists across multiple disciplines at TAMHSC for translational research on the nervous system.


  • Provide didactic teaching for medical students in the clinical neurosciences.
  • Provide clinical rotations for medical students and residents in neurosciences.
  • Develop allied health postgraduate training in clinical neurosciences.

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The Texas Brain and Spine Institute

The Texas Brain and Spine Institute was formed in 2005 to provide a comprehensive body of experts in the Brazos Valley and Central Texas dedicated to delivering neurosurgical solutions in patient care, education and research.

Taking good care of people is the foundation of everything we do. The treatment pathways at TBSI are based on a conservative, thoughtful plan. Whether treating a complex brain tumor or non-surgical spine pain, respect and compassion are the guiding principles.

TBSI Neurosurgery is the proud home of four highly-skilled neurosurgeons who use the most up to date and sophisticated tools and technologies in the treatment of our patients.   TBSI Neurosurgery treats all forms of neurologic illness, including intracranial diseases such as brain tumors and brain aneurysms and is also very experienced and capable with the multidisciplinary treatment of spinal disease.  All of the surgeons are highly involved at a national level, participating in leadership committees and continuing to improve the healthcare industry for all patients across the country.  Each neurosurgeon is dedicated to academic and research contributions to the neuroscience field.  Cultivating intellectual curiosity and a drive for excellence associated with academics permeates all of our activities and leads to beneficial outcomes for all.  In as much, the neurosurgeons hold leadership roles as active faculty members participating in the education of students and in current research efforts at The Texas A&M Health Science Center’s College of Medicine. It is our goal to serve the Brazos Valley and Central Texas locally by providing the level of expertise and skills available in larger markets plus the added comfort, support and convenience of home.

All of our neurosurgeons completed their training at Mayo Clinic and two of them completed subsequent fellowships in neuro-oncology and endovascular neurosurgery. Through their training and experience, all of them have the skill sets to provide the best care available anywhere to you and your family here in Bryan and Huntsville.  TBSI Neurosurgery has expanded its presence across Central Texas to make neuroscience specialists easily accessible to patients in smaller communities. 

For many patients, surgery is not the only option for treatment. The skilled team at TBSI Neurosurgery will evaluate and recommend the best treatment plan for each individual patient. Should you and your provider elect surgery, you can rest assured that you have an unparalleled level of clinical skills, educational training, integrated use of advanced technology, and fully equipped facilities available and assisting you with your condition.


The Texas Brain and Spine Institute (TXBSI or TBSI) is a collaboration between clinicians, scientists, and supporting neurosurgery institutions with the purpose of furthering clinical and academic missions as through Teaching, Research and Clinical.


Our partnership with The Texas A&M Health Science Center and its College of Medicine solidifies our commitment in translational research activities on the nervous system to enhance in the delivery and availability of state of the art treatment for TBSI patients, and contributes to the improvement in the care for all patients.

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