The Texas Brain and Spine Institute is a Center of Excellence in the clinical and academic neurosciences. The Institute is a multidisciplinary collaboration between clinicians, scientists, and supporting institutions with the purpose of furthering superior clinical and academic missions as follows:


  • Maintain a standard of excellence for neurologic and neurosurgical care.
  • Provide the full scope of subspecialty neurologic and neurosurgical services to the population of Central Texas.
  • Provide access to primary and tertiary clinical neuroscience services to patients from regional, state, and national referral sources.
  • Enhance stature and reputation for excellence of supporting institutions and specialties.


  • Increase and maintain active basic and clinical research programs in neuroscience.
  • Enhance extramural research funding.
  • Collaborate with basic scientists across multiple disciplines at TAMHSC for translational research on the nervous system.


  • Provide didactic teaching for medical students in the clinical neurosciences.
  • Provide clinical rotations for medical students and residents in neurosciences.
  • Develop allied health postgraduate training in clinical neurosciences.


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