By including both clinicians and scientists, TBSI creates a two-way street for research ideas and studies. For the physician, problems dealt with every day in the clinic in the care of patients can be brought to the laboratory to be studies and hopefully solved. For the scientist, the collaboration with clinicians provides access to patients to allow the translation of their basic research into a treatment for an illness that might save or improve lives.

The members of the Texas Brain and Spine Institute are at the forefront of current neuroscience research. There is a rich and diverse interest in the basic pathobiology of nervous system disorders. Research focusing on the microRNA mediators of neural development and nervous system birth defects complements our interest in the transmission of pain impulses. The effects of age and estrogen on stroke recovery and the mediators of glioblastoma invasion are other areas of research interest.

Our basic science faculty ​includes:

  • Basic Science / Laboratory
  • Farida Sohrabji, Ph.D.
  • Gary C. McCord, M.D.
  • James Grau, Ph.D.
  • Mark J. Zoran, Ph.D.
  • Mary W Meagher, Ph.D.
  • Rajesh Miranda, Ph.D.
  • Steven Wright, Ph.D.
  • William H Griffith, Ph.D.
  • D. Samba Reddy, PhD, RPh, FAAPS​
  • Michelle Hook, Ph. D.
  • Jonathan Levine, DVM
  • Raquel Sitcheran, Ph.D.
  • C. Jane Welsch, Ph.D.
  • L. Gerard Toussaint, III, M.D. 


The members of the TBSI – Neurosurgery have a strong commitment to the teaching of students pursuing a career in science or medicine.
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