Neurologists and neurosurgeons of The Texas Brain and Spine Institute are focused on diagnosing and treating brain tumors. Patients from across Texas, Oklahoma, Louisiana, and the rest of the United States seek medical care for brain tumors at The Texas Brain and Spine Institute. Once a diagnosis is confirmed, specialists in neurology, neurosurgery, and radiation oncology tailor specific treatment plans for individual patients.

Advanced radiographic technology allows TBSI physicians to detect precisely the abnormalities present in the intracranial space. Surgeries are performed in a dedicated neurosurgical OR using cutting edge frameless computer navigation and integrated microscopy and ultrasound. After surgery, additional treatments may involve enrollment in NIH-sponsored clinical trials through the NCCTG tumor consortium, conventional chemotherapy, or adjuvant radiation (in fractionated doses or in the form of stereotactic radiosurgery). For certain tumors, the use of our linear-accelerator-based radiosurgery unit makes surgical incisions obsolete.


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