There are not any formal metrics or compliance guidelines to define a Center of Excellence. The concept has applications in every business organization that exists. In most industries, they are commonly used to denote a collaborative approach to determine solutions to complex issues. The healthcare industry today has no shortage of challenges, and thus TBSI has instilled efforts to develop Centers of Excellence i​n four critical areas: Brain Tumors, Rehabilitation, Spine and Stroke. At its very core, TBSI is a team of skilled, subject-matter experts that promote collaboration and use of best practices in their focal areas to support growth in the field of neuroscience. Our members are recognized locally, nationally and internationally in their respective efforts to promote ongoing research, education of our future clinicians and scientists, and enhancing positive outcomes for anyone affected by a neurological condition.

TBSI has created an impressive infrastructure, a fundamental element to support our members, to provide resources and tools that allow our members to concentrate on our patients, colleagues and students through each Center of Excellence.

Texas Brain and Spine Institute Building

The Texas Brain and Spine Institute is pleased to have consolidated several locations and be offering several of our services in one convenient location. The Main TBSI Headquarters is located at the Texas A&M Health Science Center campus on State Highway 47.

Patients can see the following providers at our new building:

Stereotactic Radiosurgery

The Texas Brain and Spine Institute is very proud to bring this cutting edge technology to our region. The concept of radiosurgery is based on using focused radiation to treat tumors and other abnormalities in the brain, spine, and other parts of the body. The treatment is based on high-resolution imaging, and pinpoint accuracy of radiation delivery. Many tumors and diseases not otherwise treatable, or treated only with high-risk surgery, can now be treated with radiosurgery.

In partnership with CHI St. Joseph Health, the TBSI radiosurgery machine and program began operation in early 2007. The radiosurgery unit is state of the art and will not rely on fixing a frame to the patient, but rather use real-time frameless localization. The Stereotactic Radiosurgery program exemplifies TBSI's commitment to providing cutting edge technology and treatments that benefit our patients.

Computer Guided Brain and Spine Surgery

Neurosurgeons at TBSI use the most up to date and sophisticated tools and technologies in the treatment of patients. Using advanced imaging and a computerized navigation system in the operating room, neurosurgeons can plan and perform surgical procedures with submillimeter precision. This computer guidance is frequently used in brain surgery, and is increasingly being applied to placement of spinal instrumentation.

Neuro ICU

In conjunction with the ​CHI St. Joseph Health, the TBSI is pleased to announce the only Neuro Intensive Care Unit (Neuro-ICU) in our region. The Neuro-ICU offers the highest level of care to patients that have neurologic conditions mandating great attention. The nursing staff in the unit is critical-care trained with a 2-1 nurse to patient ratio, known to be a factor that improves patient outcomes.

Biplane Angiography

A state-of-the-art biplane angiography suite is now available to provide patients in our region a safe and minimally invasive method for treating cerebrovascular disease. This technology allows for the simultaneous 2-D visualization of blood vessels of the brain, facilitating safer and more effective therapy for conditions such as aneurysms, brain tumors, atherosclerotic disease, and stroke.

The biplane angiography machine is the only one of its kind in this region.

CT Angiography

Using this sophisticated technique, TBSI neuroradiologists can identify and define abnormalities of the brain's blood vessels that previously could only be identified using invasive techniques. CT angiography is a powerful example of the value of putting the newest technology in the hands of skilled and up to date neuroradiologists, and how this combination improves the care of patients.

High Resolution MR Imaging

TBSI – Imaging has recently installed the first 3Tesla Magnet MRI approved for clinical use in the region. The new MRI is a tool to help physicians improve the accuracy of diagnoses and treatments of broad categories of diseases including stroke, brain tumors, epilepsy, and other musculoskeletal and heart diseases.

With a magnet strength of 3 Tesla, or 3T, the new MRI is the most powerful scanner available to patients today in routine clinical use. MRIs use a magnetic field and radio waves to create cross-sectional images of anatomy.

CHI St. Joseph Health has also completed installation of a Siemens Magnetom Avanto MRI scanner to enable radiologists to quickly obtain high-resolution images, helping physicians at TBSI diagnose and treat patients more effectively. The Avanto system has features specifically designed to assess brain injury in stroke patients, and to conduct non-invasive cardiac diagnostics on patients with possible heart problems. The short bore of the MRI gives it a much more open feeling, which reduces the claustrophobic feeling patients can have during an MRI exam. Additionally, the Avanto is very quiet, making the comfort level much higher for patients.

Neurosurgical OR

Two new and fully-equipped neurosurgical operating rooms are currently under construction at CHI St. Joseph Health. These rooms, designed specifically for neurosurgical cases, offer the latest advancements in image-guided surgery coupled with the most recent technology that includes new operating microscopes, large-view digital imaging, and optimal lighting.

Surgeons at TBSI use all the necessary tools and techniques to provide treatment. However, more important than technology is the skill and compassion of the neurosurgical OR nurses and team.


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